MxNet Stuck on simple operation after a fresh install

Hi, I’m just getting started. I’ve followed these instructions for MxNet-cu92:

Now I’m trying to run this short MXNet python program to create a 2X3 matrix of ones a on a GPU, but the python kernel gets immediately stuck:
import mxnet as mx # OK
a = mx.nd.ones((2, 3), mx.gpu()) # python kernel gets stuck here
b = a * 2 + 1

My geforce drivers and cuda are up to date, on Windows 10.

Any advice would be really appreciated.

Can you confirm that if you get rid of mx.gpu() context, the script works fine on CPU?

Yes, on CPU it does run fine.

I’ve just installed ubuntu today and all of the required software and dependencies.
mxnet does work on gpu under ubuntu without problems. I’d love to make it work on windows, though.