MXNet broken documentation links

Hi, I noticed mxnet/gluon documentation and many of its official websites have broken URLs all over the places.

  1. Gluon read the docs
    The official mxnet read the docs webpage contains a link under Dependencies section to an installation page which raises 404 error.
  2. Google search’s top results are broken URLs. For instance, the top couple results from searching “mxnet regression” shows broken URLs.

I assume there are a lot of other examples around the internet. This issue can be a huddle for beginners who want to try out mxnet or gluon. Are there ways to fix this issue?



There are currently a number of PRs to fix this issue. This for example:

The website design was overhauled completely and we experiencing some issues with search results referring to stale links due to caching for queries and the new website not being indexed yet.

We are actively working on resolving this.

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Thanks for letting me know about the PRs! I am glad that this issue is being taken care of.