Documentation for building MXNet for Raspberry Pi 3 went missing

I was in the process of compiling MXNet for my Raspberry Pi 3+ based on the documentation on this page:
When all of a sudden after a browser reload it went missing. The documentation for other OS-es and languages are still there but the “Devices” section is empty.

Please not that the Wine detector tutorial on this site still links to the documentation:

Is it possible to bring the documentation back?

I did manage to compile it though, but I’m still having troubles. When I try to run the squeezenet v1.1 model it starts to convert the 0.8 model to 1.2.0 which segfaults the app. But that’s probably worth a second post.

@Aaron_Markham can you take a look? Thanks!

@kpmurali made the last edits to this file. It’s really sensitive to the slightest change.
He has another update to the install page winding its way through the CI hurdles:

I don’t want to create a conflict, so I’ll cherry pick it and see if I can fix the problem… otherwise, Krishnan is back tomorrow and I’ll enlist his help.

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I’ve found the source of the documentation here:

It’s a lengthy file so you should search for Raspberry and it will bring you to the correct section.

The best way to compile for PI now is use ci/ -p armv7 you will get a whl file that can be installed with pip

The missing documentation is back online! Thanks!