How to infer using fp16 for c++ api

hello, there is some materials about how to train a mxnet model with fp16, but I can not find how to infer a batch data using fp16 by c++ api.

can anyone give some advises?

I did some digging around and actually couldn’t find out how to do that. @eric-haibin-lin @szha can you help on that one?

I am not aware of such c++ APIs. @leleamol do you know the best way to do it?

Chatted with @leleamol, he’s also unaware of such C++ APIs and unfortunately it wasn’t immediately obvious how this could be done and some more effort would be needed to figure that out. @IvyGongoogle, if you’d like, I can create a feature request for you for FP16 C++ Apis, or you can do so using this link.