Deploy trained Sagemaker Mxnet object detection model locally?

I have trained an object detection model on AWS Sagemaker. I want to use this model locally in my machine. I downloaded this model which consist of 3 files hyperparams.json, model-symbol.json and model-0000.params. I have seen plenty of tutorials to deploy object classification model locally but didn’t get any for object detection.

There are different possiblities:

  • You can install SageMaker Python SDK locally on your machine and use SageMaker to train and deploy your model locally Therefore you need to indicate in the MXNet Estimator train_instance_type='local'. SageMaker will then pull in the data from S3 into you local machine and train the model there. mxnet_estimator.deploy will then deploy the model locally. You can find a detailed description here
  • You can use MXNet’s Model Server. You need to convert your model files into model archive (.mar) You can deploy it in the following way: mxnet-model-server --models mymodel=mymodel.mar