How can I import mxnet model into SageMaker for inference only?

I have two questions on bring-your-own-mxnet model for inference only.
I followed the mxnet_mnist_byom example:

  1. Why do we need as the entry_point while importing the model into SageMaker?
from sagemaker.mxnet.model import MXNetModel
sagemaker_model = MXNetModel(model_data = 's3://' + sagemaker_session.default_bucket() + '/model/model.tar.gz',
                                  role = role,
                                  entry_point = '')

In the, I find there are only training related code blocks.

Which part of is essential for inference?

  1. Will it work with .params only tar.gz?
    I find the non-hybrid model cannot export a .json architecture file.

Can a params only model.tar.gz in s3 bucket be imported for inference into SageMaker?

Thanks in advance.