Compiling from sources: C++ ABI incompatibility

I try to compile a clean checkout from the github on my Arch Linux system (gcc-9.2.0, CUDA 10.2).
I get a linker error if support for CUDA is switched on while linking tools/ (or cpp-package/example, like:

undefined reference to std::__cxx11::basic_ostringstream`

This kind of error is seen if two compilation units are linked that have been compiled with different C++ standards (C++ ABI incompatibility).
The error vanishes if CUDA (USE_CUDA) is switched off.

If I compile the sources of MXnet-1.5.1 with CUDA support (in the same environment) I don’t get the linker errors!

Maybe -std=c++11 is not correctly passed to the submodules?


Does building MXnet from sources with CUDA 10 option USE_OLDCMAKECUDA to be set?
Might this be the origin of the linker errors?