Linker errors when building mxnet library from source on windows

So I’m utilizing cmake to generate the project files so that I can build this library. I was trying to following the instructions, but got confused. I wasn’t sure which “config.cmake” template file to copy over to the project source directory. Because in the “config” folder I only saw files with the prefix of “linux” or “darwin” I assumed the “darwin” file was the template config file intended for windows – but there is nothing that i could find to clarify this so let me know if this is correct. Then I set “USE_CUDA” to “ON” and “USE_CUDNN” to “ON” as per the requirements of another library that utilizes this one called “deep3d”. I also had to hard code “7.0” for the MXNET_CUDA_ARCH othewise it would default to “5.2” when set to “Auto”. Then I created a build directory and ran the cmake command to generate files in that new build folder. Unfortunately I get some errors i don’t quite understand which I’ll submit to you via gist.

Following this though if I move past any further and attempt to compile via Visual Studio I get linker errors when i try to build the “ALL_BUILD” project or even the “mxnet” project by itself.

Any suggestions? Thanks in advanced.

Okay does anyone just have a step by step on how to build from source on windows?.. this is ridiculous… followed every bit of instruction on the “Get Started” page… But every time i go to compile i get linker errors… Forgive my frustration but it has literally been like 3 or 4 days working on this… shouldn’t be this hard to change a couple of flags in the cmake script and build. however it doesn’t even compile with default flags let alone when i change CUDA and CUDNN to on. So if there is any advice on how to actually get started… thanks again and sorry if I come off a little pissed off. like i said it’s been way to long working on just setting up the environment.