caffeOp mxnet build failed


environment MXNet v1.0.0

I want to use caffe operator to implement some custom layers,such as the solution in mxnet/example/caffe/
I follow the install command described in, how to solve these problems?

  1. git clone
  2. cd caffe && wget && git apply 4527.patch

thanks a lot !!

also if it has the cmake method for below configuration.
CAFFE_PATH = $(HOME)/caffe
MXNET_PLUGINS += plugin/caffe/

Looks like the patch hasn’t been maintained as Caffe has evolved. You should try to reset your branch head to an older node (I tried rc3 tag) and then apply the patch. Once patch is applied, you can then rebase it on top of the main repo. The following commands will do the job (although I haven’t compiled Caffe and even though re-base works without any issues, you may get some compilation errors):

cd caffe
git reset --hard rc3
git apply 4527.patch
git add -u
git commit -m "mxnet patch"
git rebase origin/master