Cannot found GPU implementation of customer opeartor?

I implemented a simple custom operator running on both CPU & GPU. I have verified its forward & backward calcuation on CPU and the result is in line with expections. However, when I want to test the gpu implementation by moving the input data from CPU to GPU, the program complains this:

mxnet.base.MXNetError: Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "../src/imperative/", line 90
MXNetError: Operator CustomPooling is not implemented for GPU.

I think the CMakeLists.txt would add the file automatically. In fact, when I introduce some syntax errors into the .cu file, the compiler does not output any error, so, looks like the .cu file is not be added into compile correctly.

I used cmake -GNinja .. && cmake --build . --parallel 12 to compile the MXNet project. Should I delete the old cmake output files and run this compile from fresh?


re-run the cmake -GNinja .. and cmake --build . --parallel 12 fixed this problem.