Sin,cos function in cuda

When I tried to implement a operation in c++,Som problem came here. I tried to use sin function in forward.But there seems to be som problem that it returns false value.Code like below.

float angle=bottome_data[5];//this one is 0.0 in
float sin_a=sin(angle);
float cos_a=cos(angle);

When I changed it to code below.

float sin_a=sin(0.0);
float cos_a=cos(0.0);

It works well.
I don’t find any solution.
So,could anybody give me some advise?
Thanks very much.
And the enviorments is :

cuda 7.5
cudnn 7.0
mxnet 1.0.0
System:ubuntu 14.04

Hi Mendel1,

Can you print out the contents of bottome_data[5]? Additionally what value is sin(angle) returning?