Problem running examples in website

I follow the example directly from the website by copy-pasting the code but it seems like the network is resetting the weight after each epoch

Below is output produced by the example code from the website to run mnist

INFO:root:Epoch[0] Batch [100] Speed: 59091.52 samples/sec accuracy=0.100000
INFO:root:Epoch[0] Batch [200] Speed: 103752.63 samples/sec accuracy=0.098300
INFO:root:Epoch[0] Batch [300] Speed: 149265.08 samples/sec accuracy=0.097700
INFO:root:Epoch[0] Batch [400] Speed: 148894.17 samples/sec accuracy=0.094500
INFO:root:Epoch[0] Batch [500] Speed: 152394.90 samples/sec accuracy=0.107300
INFO:root:Epoch[0] Train-accuracy=0.094444
INFO:root:Epoch[0] Time cost=0.546
INFO:root:Epoch[0] Validation-accuracy=0.098000
INFO:root:Epoch[1] Batch [100] Speed: 145776.78 samples/sec accuracy=0.100000
INFO:root:Epoch[1] Batch [200] Speed: 130015.22 samples/sec accuracy=0.098300
INFO:root:Epoch[1] Batch [300] Speed: 147538.70 samples/sec accuracy=0.097700
INFO:root:Epoch[1] Batch [400] Speed: 144358.88 samples/sec accuracy=0.094500
INFO:root:Epoch[1] Batch [500] Speed: 134365.21 samples/sec accuracy=0.107300
INFO:root:Epoch[1] Train-accuracy=0.094444
INFO:root:Epoch[1] Time cost=0.435
INFO:root:Epoch[1] Validation-accuracy=0.098000
INFO:root:Epoch[2] Batch [100] Speed: 135762.60 samples/sec accuracy=0.100000
INFO:root:Epoch[2] Batch [200] Speed: 141163.42 samples/sec accuracy=0.098300
INFO:root:Epoch[2] Batch [300] Speed: 147305.53 samples/sec accuracy=0.097700
INFO:root:Epoch[2] Batch [400] Speed: 141288.96 samples/sec accuracy=0.094500
INFO:root:Epoch[2] Batch [500] Speed: 138121.37 samples/sec accuracy=0.107300
INFO:root:Epoch[2] Train-accuracy=0.094444
INFO:root:Epoch[2] Time cost=0.433
INFO:root:Epoch[2] Validation-accuracy=0.098000
INFO:root:Epoch[3] Batch [100] Speed: 136330.52 samples/sec accuracy=0.100000
INFO:root:Epoch[3] Batch [200] Speed: 142017.08 samples/sec accuracy=0.098300
INFO:root:Epoch[3] Batch [300] Speed: 142116.21 samples/sec accuracy=0.097700
INFO:root:Epoch[3] Batch [400] Speed: 140498.58 samples/sec accuracy=0.094500
INFO:root:Epoch[3] Batch [500] Speed: 137093.40 samples/sec accuracy=0.107300
INFO:root:Epoch[3] Train-accuracy=0.094444
INFO:root:Epoch[3] Time cost=0.430
INFO:root:Epoch[3] Validation-accuracy=0.098000
INFO:root:Epoch[4] Batch [100] Speed: 135096.61 samples/sec accuracy=0.100000
INFO:root:Epoch[4] Batch [200] Speed: 142692.04 samples/sec accuracy=0.098300
INFO:root:Epoch[4] Batch [300] Speed: 132139.02 samples/sec accuracy=0.097700
INFO:root:Epoch[4] Batch [400] Speed: 134674.98 samples/sec accuracy=0.094500
INFO:root:Epoch[4] Batch [500] Speed: 136128.32 samples/sec accuracy=0.107300
INFO:root:Epoch[4] Train-accuracy=0.094444
INFO:root:Epoch[4] Time cost=0.440
INFO:root:Epoch[4] Validation-accuracy=0.098000
INFO:root:Epoch[5] Batch [100] Speed: 149180.14 samples/sec accuracy=0.100000
INFO:root:Epoch[5] Batch [200] Speed: 143346.98 samples/sec accuracy=0.098300
INFO:root:Epoch[5] Batch [300] Speed: 136939.43 samples/sec accuracy=0.097700
INFO:root:Epoch[5] Batch [400] Speed: 136022.81 samples/sec accuracy=0.094500
INFO:root:Epoch[5] Batch [500] Speed: 144179.25 samples/sec accuracy=0.107300
INFO:root:Epoch[5] Train-accuracy=0.094444

Try downloading the ipynb file (button for downloading it is on the upper right). Run that in jupyter. Do you still see the problem?