Not implemented for GPU

Thought I’d give Gluon a whirl, downloaded it, started up the Jupyter, and part way through the “tutorial”, it get this:

MXNetError: [10:37:33] src/imperative/ Operator _ones is not implemented for GPU.

Came from executing this:

z = nd.ones(shape=(3, 3), ctx=mx.gpu(0))

I just re-installed mxnet, and same results. Seems odd to me, that a tool written expressly for use with GPUs, is not implemented for GPU usage.

Any suggestions??


This looks like a Gluon question. I see that you opened this on “” as well, which is probably the right channel for this question.

Well, my first foray into this world, so I’m not really sure, but from the Error msg, it appeared that it came directly from mxnet, and not Gluon. I can remove the one in Gluon, if you think it is a better fit in the server realm. That’s why I’m asking in both places, get soem thoughts from people with better experience than me.

Thanks for the comments…

Did you install the GPU version of MXNet? ‘pip install mxnet’ will give you the CPU version. To get the GPU version, use pip install mxnet-cu90 --pre.

OK, so not only did I re-install using the mxnet-cu90 --pre, but before that I totally uninstalled it and tried if from scratch. Then, I downloaded the source from from git, and tried to compile it. There is a error in the code that doesn’t permit the building of the cudnn_algoreg.o, consequently the build fails as well.
I’m guessing that the world just doesn’t want me to play in the mxnet sandbox.

I have the same problem. If you or someone have already some solution it would be awesome.