How to load mxnet packages in R in windows10?

Hello! I met an error when loading the mxnet package in R. And my desktop uses windows 10. The error picture is listed below. Could you help me to solve this prolem? Thank you very much!

Hello! What version of R are you using? What steps were taken for the installation of the mxnet library? Is it a GPU or CPU installation?

Hi, thank you very much! I have tried many kinds of versions of R ,like 3.6.2 and 3.5.3; because my teacher told us to download R in the version under 3.6.3; but these actions all failed. My teacher had given the R package in the form of zip and I place it under the folder of library just like in the picture. However, I can’t use it and the warning is lited above. Thank you very much for your help! And I’m looking forward to your early reply!

Is Mxnet meant to be run on GPU (do you have a GPU with CUDA and CUDNN installed), or is it just to run on CPU?

If only on CPU, then I would expect the following to work (run from within a R 3.6 session):

install.packages("", repos = NULL)

Also, if there’s stil an error, could you provide the translation for the error message you got? You may be simply missing a dependency package, possibly DiagrammeR