How to copy parameters from one network to another


I have two networks (inherited from nn.Block) that have the same structure. What’s the most efficient way to copy parameters from net1 to their counterparts in net2?



The simplest way to do that is to do:


Thank you! I will test it out.

My use case requires me to copy parameters from one network to another regularly (e.g., every N samples). I am a bit afraid that writing to disk (and reading from it) at that frequency will delay the training program. Will try out and let you know

Hi @hyu ,
Iff you are using Gluon (which you seem to be using with nn.Block), you may also try that:

params1 = net1.collect_params()
params2 = net2.collect_params()
for p1, p2 in zip(params1.values(), params2.values()):

Intuitively I would say that it will be faster since there is no disk I/O, but if you care about performance, you should definitely benchmark the two methods. :wink:

Thanks. Will try this out too and share findings.

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