Google Colab for HW

Anyone know how to set up Google Colab to use on HW? I tried the two pip installs from the slides ( but now my environment just crashes. Appreciate any detailed instruction!


Hi mli!

Having the same issue as keenon. I was actually able to get Google Colab to work briefly over the weekend, however, I’ve gotten to problem 5 and the notebook just keeps crashing. I tried again today in hopes of it working again but following the link you sent, the run-time consistently crashes and restart. Please help! Waiting online to finish this homework but it’s very frustrating.

Image for reference

It looks like you didn’t connect to a GPU instance. You may google how to choose such an instance. One way I used is edit the .ipynb file with a text editor, add
"accelerator": "GPU", in metadata. E.g., the last few lines of the .ipynb file looks like:

 "metadata": {
  "accelerator": "GPU",
  "language_info": {
   "name": "python"
 "nbformat": 4,
 "nbformat_minor": 2

Hi mli!

I’ve added the line to the metadata as seen in pic, however, google colab still crashes and reconnects. Any idea how I can fix this?