Create a model to classificy a sentence logical or not

As the title mention, how could I train a model to classify following sentences are logical or illogical?

“He has two legs”–logical
“He has six legs”–illogical

Solution I tried:

1 : Train the classifier by cnn

I have done it before, it works very well if you have enough of data. Problem is I do not have a huge data set which comes with “logical” or “illogical” labels for this case.

2 : Use language model

Train a language model introduced by gluonnlp on some data set like wiki, use it to find out the probability of the sentences. If the probability of the sentences are high, mark it as logical and vice versa. Problem is the results not good.

The way I estimate the probability

    def __predict(self):
        lines = self.__text_edit_input.toPlainText().split("\n")
        result = ""
        for line in lines:
            result += str(self.__sentence_prob(line, 10)) + "\n"


    def __prepare_sentence(self, text, max_len):
        result = mx.nd.zeros([max_len, 1], dtype='float32')
        max_len = min(len(text), max_len)
        i = max(max_len - len(text), 0)
        j = 0
        for index in range(i, max_len):
            result[index][0] = self.__vocab[text[j]]
            j = j + 1
        return result

    def __sentence_prob(self, text, max_len):
        hiddens = self.__model.begin_state(1, func=mx.nd.zeros, ctx=self.__context)
        tokens = self.__tokenizer(text)
        data = self.__prepare_sentence(tokens, max_len)
        output, _ = self.__model(data, hiddens)
        prob = 0
        for i in range(max_len):
            total_prob = mx.nd.softmax(output[i][0])
            prob += total_prob[self.__vocab[i]].asscalar()

        return prob / max_len

Possible issues of language models:

  1. Do not use correct way to split the sentences(I am using jieba to split the Chinese senteces)
  2. Number of vocab is too small/big(test 10000, 15000 and 30000)
  3. Loss too high(ppl around 190) after 50 epochs?
  4. Number of sentences length should be larger/smaller(tried 10,20,35)
  5. The data I use do not meet my requirements(not every sentences are logical)

Any suggestions?Thanks


You could also try to finetune a pretrained language model from gluonnlp like BERT, and then create a classification network to classify sentences as logical or illogical. See the following for an example:

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Thanks, I know language model could be a stepping stone of classification model, but the client want me to use the language model to compute the probability of a sentence, try to use it to classify this sentence is “logic” or “illogical”.