An example of the official website gives an error

class MultiIter:
def init(self, iter_list):
self.iters = iter_list
def next(self):
batches = [ for i in self.iters]
return DataBatch(data=[* for b in batches], #error
label=[*b.label for b in batches])
def reset(self):
for i in self.iters:
def provide_data(self):
return [*i.provide_data for i in self.iters] #error
def provide_label(self):
return [*i.provide_label for i in self.iters]

iter = MultiIter([‘image.rec’),‘txt.csv’)])

the error: iterable unpacking cannot be used in comprehension

how to fix it?

Opening two threads with the same text won’t help to get answers quicker. Also, code blocks should be proper formatted as code, to make it easier to read