Which IDE should be used in MxNet?

Simply, which IDE (CLion?TextEdit?) should be used to do develop work in MxNet?
Or, how to config the editor?
Just vim?

Are you referring to developing MXNet core code or DeepLearning with MXNet? For DL, PyCharm is great! For MXNet code itself, I’ve seen contributors using CLion.

Thank you!
what i mean is developing mxnet core code. For now, I use Clion too.But most of classes or structes or variables can’t be recognized. So, how to config the IDE(CLion)?Do we need to install some plugin?

VSCode is highly recommended.

what if we use MacBook?

Sorry, VSCode can also be used in MacBook. I’ll give it a try.

I’m using CLion for MXNet developing. I don’t install additional plugin, just make sure not to let CLion overwrite CMakeList.txt then everything should be imported correctly.

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