Where can I find get_im2rec_path() function


I am completely new to mxnet - working on this tutorial


and I keep getting this error:

module ‘mxnet.test_utils’ has no attribute ‘get_im2rec_path’

Basically my aim is to convert either a folder of images with labels and bounding boxes to a recordio file in a Spyder script. I could also transfer the images to numpy arrays and then save them - but I also haven’t found a comprehensive way to do so.

Any ideas would be more than welcome,

thanks and cheers,


Hi Wolfgang,

welcome to mxnet. Although this may not directly answer your question, I suggest you go with the modern gluon API, here is a tutorial on dataset and dataloaders

Hope this helps.

Which version of MXNet do you use? I use 1.2.1 and if I run the following code:

import mxnet
path = mxnet.test_utils.get_im2rec_path()

I get the correct local path to im2rec.py.

You can find im2rec file on Github as well - https://github.com/apache/incubator-mxnet/blob/master/tools/im2rec.py

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