Waitlist processing

Hello! Quick question about waitlist processing. From my understanding no one has been processed from the waitlist. Any ETA when that will happen? Might be a good thing to add to the course FAQ!


Also how do I add a stat-157 tag to this post?


AFAIK, waitlist will be processed in early January, so sit tight!

There’s no stat-157 tag yet. We’ll work on making that available ASAP

Actually, the tag exists but can’t be added yet so we’ll have to work on resolving that.

Hello! I was initially at waitlist position ~34 before anyone was processed from the waitlist but I’ve only moved up 20 positions since then even though about 70 people have gotten in. I’m really interested in taking this course and I’ve met the prerequisites as far as I know. Is priority given to any students? Or is there possibility of expanding this course beyond 100 students? Sorry I’m just a little bit anxious. Thanks!

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