TypeError while doing a MxNet tutorial

I am replicating the “Customer layers (Beginners” tutorial under Windows 10, using Python 3.7.6 and mxnet 1.5.1 and when executing the line

print_params("=========== Parameters after forward pass ===========\n", net)

I get the following error:
TypeError: Object of type ndarray is not JSON serializable

So I cannot replicate the results in the tutorial.

Just to make sure I didn’t make a typo, I copied and pasted the tutorial example codes in Python and still get the error.

Could this be an incompatibility between Python 3.7.6 and MxNet 1.5.1?

If yes then which Python and MxNet versions should I use?

I can repro the same issue. Please help to file this on the mxnet github issue.

@TristonC: I have posted the solution to this issue in another thread

Thank you @ypoissant. It will be nice to have someone fix the tutorial too so that others will not run into the the same problem.