Text recognisation in images

Hello guys, could any body have machine learning code in python for text recognization in the images, please share it

Hi suhas,

Here’s one for finding text in images on the ICDAR2013 dataset.

There are a few for handwriting:
Medium article: https://medium.com/apache-mxnet/handwriting-ocr-handwriting-recognition-and-language-modeling-with-mxnet-gluon-4c7165788c67
and this repo: https://github.com/ThomasDelteil/HandwrittenTextRecognition_MXNet

and for hand-written digits:

Hope that helps,

Hello Vishal,

Thanks for letting me know about this, but i am looking for the one where i have to detect text inside the images.



Hi Suhas,

Scene text recognition is similar and more difficult, so you should have some success with the first link as it’s training on the ICDAR2013 data set (scene text recognition).

Here are two more that you might want to check out. I’m not aware of a data set for text recognition in images, and the project below does suggest a method for creating one. See the section on Text Recognition.