Target shape size is different to source

(‘train shape:’, (177, 1, 14, 100))
(‘valid shape:’, (177, 1, 14, 100))
(‘sentence max words’, 14)
(‘embedding size’, 100)
(‘vocab size’, -1)

The above data represents the shape of my data. I have reshaped it like this

x = np.reshape(x, (x.shape[0], 1, x.shape[1], x.shape[2]))

when i run my I am getting the following error :

RuntimeError: simple_bind error. Arguments:
data: (2, 1L, 14L, 100L)
softmax_label: (2, 1L)
Error in operator reshape0: [17:40:34] src/operator/tensor/./matrix_op-inl.h:182: Check failed: oshape.Size() == dshape.Size() Target shape size is different to source. Target: 1200
Source: 600

Any idea how to solve this error

Would you follow the issue template here and provide more information to reproduce the problem? Feel free to skip the environment info part and make sure you include the mxnet version. Thanks!