Split on Symbol in Scala

What is the returned content of Symbol.split in Scala?

In Python when we call mx.symbol.split we’ll get a list of symbols.
But in Scala when calling Symbol.split the returned type is still Symbol which not a list of Symbols as we expected.
I would like to know what it is after call the method and how to use it.

They are both Symbol. python uses __get_item__ makes it looks like a list.


>>> a = mx.sym.Variable('a')
>>> b = a.split(2)
>>> b
<Symbol split0>
>>> b[0]
<Symbol split0>
>>> b[1]
<Symbol split0>


scala> val b = Symbol.split(name="s")(a)(Map("num_outputs" ->2))
b: org.apache.mxnet.Symbol = org.apache.mxnet.Symbol@70a8ebfc

scala> b.get(1)
res3: org.apache.mxnet.Symbol = org.apache.mxnet.Symbol@50235133