Rotating images/arrays

So in MXNet how do you rotate images? I’ve been looking at the data augmentation page and it doesn’t show rotations as a possibility, can someone explain how to do this for example with MNIST. I have them loaded as NDarrays currently.

When you use ImageRecordIter then you can pass max_rotate_angle and rotate, that allows you to rotate the image data.
You can find more details here:

So I’m a bit confused how to do this. So to use ImageRecordIter I first need to make sure my file is a .rec file correct? I see on the link that there is a method MXRecordIO which can be used to do this. My question is how do I write it into a .rec file with the format that I desire. I have two separate ND arrays. The dataset is of size 60000x28x28 and the labels array is 60000, . Can you point me in the direction for how I should use MXRecordIO please. Thanks.

You can use the tool im2rec:
First you need to generate an image list file and then you can create the rec.file

Once you have the rec.file you can call ImageRecordIter:

dataiter =
        data_shape=(3, 28, 28),

batch =