Op.h not generated. Linux Ubuntu. gcc compìler

I have installed mxnet on Ubuntu using gcc compiler. The file op.h hasn’t bee generated. How can I generate it?

Without this file it is impossible to use mxnet from C++.

Trying to ompile the examples, there are an error also saying that do not existe the file nnvm/c_api.h.

I’ll appreciate your help.

Thank you.

Please don’t say me “use vs compiler” because I am working in Linux Ubuntu.

Hey @Maritimo, did you set the USE_CPP_PACKAGE=1 flag when compiling? Otherwise the CPP bindings won’t be generated and the op.h file will be missing indeed.

See this guide

Thank you ThomasDelteil, in effect, that was my mistake. I rebuild everything with USE_CPP_PACKAGE=1 set and the missing op.h was generated. In a matter of fact, all the cpp-package files were also compiled automatically.

Best regards.

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