Onnx export file error

Hi,I use the following export onnx file. (model is gluoncv.model_zoo.FCN(‘fcn_resent101’))

mx.contrib.onnx.export_model(‘save-symbol.json’,‘save-0016.params’,input_shape=[(1, 3,273,273)])

But unfortunately, It shows error:No conversion function registered for op type _contrib_BilinearResize2D yet.
I open the json file.I found _contrib_BilinearResize2D,But I don’t know how to increase op type ,Can you tell me where the op type is define?Or can you tell me how to solve this problem? Thanks.


The error is because the operator is not supported by ONNX, or the ONNX convertor just yet. @Roshrini is there a work around?

Well, thank you,I saw it on the official website,But if I want to write it myself, do you have any Suggestions?