Object detection on CIPHAR 10

I’m working on CIPHAR 10 dataset. and i have task of getting list of all objects detected.For eg if the image has grass in the background and dog in the foreground .Is there any code functionality available to give me a list may be like "objects detected [Dog,Grass] ?

If you want to detect the background, how about using “Segmentation” model or "Image Captioning’ model?

thank you for the reply!, Yes that thought did flash my mind, but ciphar 10 has 32*32 pixel, not sure if the segmentation / object detection would work!

I’m still a student new into this and I’m just exploring! In the tutorials of gluon cv (to use pretrained cnn model) they have taken the input to the model from the url. Any idea on how to take the output from other sources.? (database or a file system for example)