Nnvm::tuple and Shape

Hey guys.

I started with using the RCNN contrib operator (_contrib_proposal) and am able to register and work with it. I am using C++.

I am using Windows and I compiled the whole project and got the op.h file which I then include. Here is the problem I have now. Internally the proposal operator has two variables - scales and ratios which are nnvm::Tuple. In the op.h file they are generated as Shape variables. I am able to pass Shape variables in my client code but I can’t see how they are converted to nnvm::tuple inside the library, is that an in-built operator which I cannot find, or do I have to write that?

I have an mxnet.dll and the headers needed and thanks to op.h I can see the proposal operator symbol correctly defined (it is a legacy operator as you know).

This is solved now, closing it if possible.