Need some Scala support on MXNet


I would like to ask some question about Scala on MXNet
Does AWS Deep Learning AMI support Scala ?
In Symbol class, the Doc says that both the method attrMap() and listAttr() are defined:
but when we call them in code these method are not found.
My dependency setting is :
“ml.dmlc.mxnet” % “mxnet-full_2.11-linux-x86_64-cpu” % "0.9.3a"
and I can’t find out MXNet version 1.0 in maven
There is no package org.apache.mxnet in maven which is used in GitHub tutorial

Thank you!

MXNet supports the Scala programming language. The MXNet Scala package brings flexible and efficient GPU computing and state-of-art deep learning to Scala. It enables you to write seamless tensor/matrix computation with multiple GPUs in Scala. It also lets you construct and customize the state-of-art deep learning models in Scala, and apply them to tasks, such as image classification and data science challenges.

 scala> import ml.dmlc.mxnet._
   import ml.dmlc.mxnet._

   scala> val arr = NDArray.ones(2, 3)
   arr: ml.dmlc.mxnet.NDArray = ml.dmlc.mxnet.NDArray@f5e74790

   scala> arr.shape
   res0: ml.dmlc.mxnet.Shape = (2,3)

   scala> (arr * 2).toArray
   res2: Array[Float] = Array(2.0, 2.0, 2.0, 2.0, 2.0, 2.0)

   scala> (arr * 2).shape
   res3: ml.dmlc.mxnet.Shape = (2,3)