NDArray tensors multiplication

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I’m wondering how to multiply two tensors along the batch axe. It should work as the following naive implementation:

import mxnet.ndarray as nd

A = nd.ones((2, 3, 4))  # CTN layout
B = nd.ones((2, 3, 4))

C = nd.zeros((3, 3, 4))

for batch in range(A.shape[2]):
    C[:, :, batch] = nd.dot(A[:, :, batch].transpose(), B[:, :, batch])


In TF, I can use tf.matmul(A, B, transpose_b=True). Is there any equivalent to that?


I think I find the answer: https://mxnet.incubator.apache.org/api/python/ndarray/ndarray.html?highlight=batch#mxnet.ndarray.batch_dot

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great :+1: thanks @hankcs for pointing to the right doc