Nd.concat does not support list input?

Hi, I am surprised that nd.concat([nda1, ..., ndaN], dim=0) does not work, and returns a AssertionError: Positional arguments must have NDArray type.

this is even more surprising since the doc says it is supported: " * data ( NDArray [ ] ) – List of arrays to concatenate"

when I hardcode outside of a list each array to be concatenated like this: nd.concat(nda1, ..., ndaN, dim=0) things work fine but there are situations where hard-coding is not possible.

The concat-list is a popular functionality, available in both pandas and numpy. Is is possible to do it with mx.nd?


pb is happening on mxnet 1.3.0 on p2 SageMaker notebook

Try adding a * before the list. As in

nd.concat(*[nda1,…,ndaN], dim=0)