MXNet youtube channel

Hi all,

We created an Apache MXNet youtube channel, to list and group youtube content pertaining to MXNet.

  • If you know of content that should be listed there, please send me a list of links and into which playlist they should be added (and new playlist ideas).
  • If you know of channels, or have a channel that promotes MXNet content, please send me a list of them so I can subscribe the MXNet channel to them, they will be featured on the landing page.
  • If you produce new videos that you would like hosted directly on the Apache MXNet page, we should be able to host them directly there too. (still figuring out that part).

Please subscribe and share :slight_smile: When we reach 100 subscribers and 30 month of existence, we will be able to apply for a personalized youtube URL. e.g


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