Mxnet to ONNX - Upsampling operator

would love to know if there’s a feature added to mx2onnx which takes care of MXNet’s UpSampling.
Also, does MXNet has a workaround for UpSampling operator with some other operator?


File “/usr/local/lib/python3.5/dist-packages/mxnet/contrib/onnx/mx2onnx/”, line 90, in convert_layer
raise AttributeError(“No conversion function registered for op type %s yet.” % op)
AttributeError: No conversion function registered for op type UpSampling yet.

I see someone has added this code here:

Just copying and pasting that code into doesn’t work. it spits the same error above. It’s probably because there’s a ‘get_inputs’ function which I don’t know where is located. and also it uses ‘onnx.’ i guess I should import onnx in the same file?

Hi, have you solved this issue? I have the same problem