Mxnet.symbol has no attribute 'broadcast_logical_xor'

Hi, I am trying to use the ‘mx.sym.broadcast_logical_xor’ function, but I got the error that "mxnet.symbol has no attribute ‘broadcast_logical_xor’ ". The other functions work well. I cannot figure out the problem.

I am using mxnet-cu90==1.1.0 version.

Thanks very much!

mx.sym.broadcast_logical_xor operator was added recently and it hasn’t been included in a release yet. However you can use it by installing the pre-release package.

You can install the pre-release package using the command

pip install mxnet-cu90 --pre
>>> print(mx.__version__)
>>> nd.broadcast_logical_xor
<function broadcast_logical_xor at 0x7f8951c60620>

Thanks Indu. Now I see why I can only find it in master branch. :slight_smile: