Mxnet, RaspberryPI 3 and virtualenv


I’m new to mxnet and really excited to get going! At the moment I’m trying it on a RaspberryPI 3 with the objective to use mxnet with the camera.

I’ve hit a bit of a snag when trying the example code from the wine detector. I think it has something to do with me running Python from a virtualenv but I can’t figure it out. The error is:

include/dmlc/logging.h:308: [10:28:58] src/io/ Check failed: allow_null LocalFileSystem: fail to open "Inception_BN-symbol.json"

I have the file in the home folder, same as the

Any suggestions for how I can proceed? Thanks!

God damnit, the file name was wrong. It was Inception-BN and not Inception_BN. Oh well…

Good that you find it out! :stuck_out_tongue:

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