Mxnet ndarray to numpy without copy

The current ndarray.asnumpy() call is doing a full copy. I have a use case where this copy is too expensive so I am looking for a way to do the conversion without it. I came up with the following sniplet by checking the cpp implementation which works OK as long as the ndarray is on cpu and dtype is float.

def asnumpy_nocopy(a):
    # Assume cpu context

    c_uint64_p = POINTER(c_uint64)

    handle = cast(a.handle, c_uint64_p)  # NDArray*
    ptr_ = cast(handle[0], c_uint64_p)  # shared_ptr<Chunk>
    dptr = cast(ptr_[0], POINTER(c_float))  # shandle.dptr

    return np.ctypeslib.as_array(dptr, shape=a.shape)

This solution is very hacky and will break easily if the backend changes. Is there a better more elegant way to do this?

You’d have to tell us what you want to do, and why you cannot do that in mxnet directly. What you try to do here, may stop working with the next release, and makes no sense on GPU.