Mxnet installation for python

Good afternoon

I am working with Python/opencv/mxnet on Ubuntu.
I did clone the mxnet folder :
git clone --recursive mxnet --branch 0.11.0
I then built the mxnet package for CPU usage using the below command :
make -j4

Those instructions come from Adrian at PyImageSearch.
Everything ran perfectly without error but …
Because there is a but :), the io repository below mxnet has not been installed.

I am using it ( to run my trainings and of course it does not work.
Does anyone knows why the folder/package io has not been installed when (as I understood) it should have been ?


Hi @gvigier,

Any reasons why you cannot work with the latest version of MXNet ? 0.11 starts to be dated already and I would suggest working either off latest master or from the latest release which is 1.2.0 as of today.

You can find the install instructions on the following page:

Many thanks Thomas

Let me try.




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