MXNET installation Cannot find the MXNET library

Hi all
I have installed mxnet with pip in windows 10 in a virtual enviroment with python 3.7 and I have alos tried with 3.6.
The installation says thas was successful and I can import the package. The issue is when I run the code I am getting the folowing error.

RuntimeError: Cannot find the MXNet library.
List of candidates:
the .so file of mxnet is on the site packages folder but the dll is missing
Could you please help.

Many thanks

Problem solved.
Now pip by defaults installs mxnet version 1.6.0 which was creating the issue.
Installed 1.5.0 no errors

I got the same issue. It seems that pip will install a Linux version of MXNet 1.6 if you try to use “pip install” in Windows 10. Can anyone fix it?