Mxnet/gluon bibtex reference on scientific publications

Dear all,

is there a standard reference/publication (bibtex entry) for mxnet? I am using it in a project/paper I write and I want to formally reference it.


A google search gave me:

  title={Mxnet: A flexible and efficient machine learning library for heterogeneous distributed systems},
  author={Chen, Tianqi and Li, Mu and Li, Yutian and Lin, Min and Wang, Naiyan and Wang, Minjie and Xiao, Tianjun and Xu, Bing and Zhang, Chiyuan and Zhang, Zheng},
  journal={arXiv preprint arXiv:1512.01274},
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Cheers 2 that! Google was better than the search engine within the mxnet official site (I couldn’t find anything).