MXNet for ROCm


is there a version of mxnet that works out of the box with ROCm 2.0 on AMD Radeon GPU?
I tried
but the master seems to be rather old and does not work with current Keras version.
So I tried the newer branch downstream_27Mar2018 but was not able to compile it on Ubuntu 18.10.

For tensorflow I found a tensorflow_rocm package that work fine but I somewhere I found the info, that mxnet is much faster so I’m looking for some mxnet-rocm.

Thank you for help

Hi @dgmd,

I believe it’s work-in-progress looking at this Github Issue, and I think that thread would be the best place to ask about current status (tag sriharikarnam). I also see a design proposal was submitted on 31st Oct 2018, that can be found here. As you mentioned, the ROCmSoftwarePlatform/mxnet repository is the best place to look for now, you might find a more up to date branch there.