Mxnet feature xtract with python async pool


I have below function and want to spawn it async :slightly_smiling_face:
I am using watchdof file created.

def LookUpDb(file):
print(“dosya kontrol ediliyor”, file)
_is_ready = False
while (_is_ready == False):
size = os.path.getsize(file)
if size == os.path.getsize(file):
_is_ready = True
print("PROcessing : " , file)

_chip = cv2.imread(file)
img, points = model.get_input(face_chip)
feature = model.get_feature(img)

os.rename(file, file + "processed_")
print("FINISHED _ _ ASYNC")
return 1

and I am calling the func:

res = p.apply_async(testPool , (file,))

but its stucking after one file…

any idea ?

Can you elaborate what exactly is model and where it gets stuck?