Mxnet error incomplete

When I met the mxnet error, the information of the error is incomplete. It is like:
MXNetError: MXNetErr…sion=3’,)
What trouble??? Why???

Sorry , the question maybe is not a question.
Because I found it happens only when i debug the code .

@LucinyaLi can you please share your code so I can try to assist you better?

For the mxnet error ‘MXNetError: MXNetErr…sion=3’,)’ , I have found it is because the code I write is wrong. And I have corrected it.
But for the problem that when I do pdb to debug the code the mxnet error is incomplete, I still know nothing about it. Is it common for every user or just for me? Do you know something about it? Do I need to provide the code ?

I personally use PyCharm to debug and I am able to get all the information I want usually. You can checkout this youtube video to learn more about how to debug in PyCharm, even this one shows how to do remote debugging on ec2: