Mxnet debug problems: include errors detected, please update your includePath

Hi everyone,
I followed the official tutorial MXNet Developer Setup on Mac to debug my changes to the mxnet, however, when I launch the debug task on C++, some problems happens, like below:

I used apple as the BLAS lib, and no CUDA is installed on my mac. Should I install these libs to mend these problems? or just ignore them ? Debug on Python can work by the way.

any advices?

Looks like the debug is running, but cannot reach my breakpoint in C++:

Fine, I have to re-running the python process …

Have you solve your problem. It might due to attaching wrong process. Here is what I solved the problem. When you attach the process, it should show you two process (I still don’t know why). Instead of attach to the first one, attaching to the second one (the last one).

thanks, I will try it later