MXNET clojure 1.5.0-SNAPSHOT installation

Hi All
Newbie here. I am trying to use the clojure-contrib mxnet libraries and all references point at using the 1.5.0 snapshot. However, with

[org.apache.mxnet.contrib.clojure/clojure-mxnet "1.5.0-SNAPSHOT"]

in my project.clj file is only resulting in an error when I try to pull the dependencies. Also, I cannot see such a library in the Maven repos. Only the 1.4.0 OS Specific CPU libraries. But this 1.5.0 is a ghost…
Can someone kindly help me understand what step I am missing ? Do I need to fully install the Scala version before going ahead and using the dependency above ?
I am on MacOS Mojave - java 1.8, clojure 1.10


Which kind of error message do you get exactly?
Did you follow the instructions from here that describes how to install the Clojure package?

@NRauschmayr and others.
Thank you for your help. I have an update.
I was trying to use MXNet for clojure from inside a jupyter notebook using Clojuypyter.
I discovered that my clojure version was 1.8 and once I upgraded it to 1.10 (by getting the latest Clojuypyter kernal and recompiling it) I was able to use mxnet by only requiring the cpu library for version 1.4.0

The error message for 1.5.0-SNAPSHOT says that it is not available in the clojars or maven 2 repositories…

So … where is this 1.5.0-SNAPSHOT ? if it is not in the repos … do I have to compile it to get it or is there an actual jar release somewhere ?

Latest released version of MXNet is 1.4.0, so that’s why if you go to Maven, you can see version only up to 1.4.0.

1.5.0 version is not released yet, so if you want to obtain it, you will have to build it from source. In this tutorial, the author explains how to do that in few words, or follow official guide.

If you don’t have any particular reason why you would like to use bleeding edge version of MXNet, I would recommend to just switch to 1.4. Here is the Linux GPU version -

That is what I suspected. I guess the challenge was that the examples using 1.5 do not indicate that it was built from source. I got 1.4 working as per the official documentation. Thanks for the clarification you provided.