MXNet CI Failure: File Truncated


I keep getting this error when running the CI tests:

[2020-03-06T08:36:05.992Z] FAILED: : && /opt/cmake/bin/cmake -E remove libmxnet.a && /usr/bin/ar qc libmxnet.a  CMakeFiles/mxnet_static.dir/src/api/_api_internal/  ...
CMakeFiles/mxnet_static.dir/src/operator/tensor/ && /usr/bin/ranlib libmxnet.a && :

[2020-03-06T08:36:05.992Z] /usr/bin/ar: libmxnet.a: File truncated

[Complete Jenkins Log File]

I cannot reproduce this error on local machines. I have tried googling this error and people suggest upgrading the binutils version to 2.27 but it seems that this has already been done in MXNet [reference]. May I know whether anyone has encountered similar issues before? Thanks.