MXNet and spark / Symbol API

Hi folks,

I’m new to MXNet. I’m interested in the Symbol API to reproduce a computation DAG we have, and I’d like to use this Symbol in a spark processing pipeline.
So far, so good, but I face the dreaded “task not serializable” issue, because Symbol objects are not.
Still, I need to send symbols to workers, since it’s on symbol objects we can bind data…

What’s the good way to achieve this ? What am i missing ?

(So far, I haven’t look much at the dedicated package mxnet-spark. I don’t see how symbols could be use in that. But maybe I’m missing the point)

PS: btw, i’m using spark 2.3, and i’m in scala

Thanks !

I found my way, using Symbol json serialisation and spark broadcast variables.

cloudpickle works for me (using ray)

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You can also have a look at this blog post if that helps: