Issue in gluoncv

Having an issue in gluoncv.utils.viz, please help me in resolving this error.

Hi! could you please provide more details?

Thank you olivcruche for reply,
Actually i m working on "estimating pose from webcam in python ", i took help from gluoncv.
everything is working fine for images, i m able to detect keypoints of a particular pose in an image. but when it come to video part , it is giving me an error ,
“File “C:\Users\HP\Downloads\cam_demo (5).py”, line 26, in
from gluoncv.utils.viz import cv_plot_image, cv_plot_keypoints
ImportError: cannot import name ‘cv_plot_image’ from ‘gluoncv.utils.viz’ (C:\Users\HP\AppData\Local\Programs\Python\Python37\lib\site-packages\gluoncv\utils\” getting this error , unable to resolve it.

please help me to resolve this error.


which gluoncv version?
can you try after doing a pip install --pre --upgrade gluoncv?

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Thank you Olivvruche , its working now.

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hi Olivecruche,
I need ur help to convert 32d ndarray to 1 dimension or 2 dimesion , so that i can write it on excel sheet . Can u provide some help?

@dimple sure! how about array.squeeze() ?