Is there some pdf of mxnet API for newest version

The mxnet API on official site is beneficial, but it will be better to search api description offline pdf version.
I only find a pdf of 0.0.8 version whose author is pluskid. And the pdf’s addr is
Is there newer version of pdfs about api, or tools to convert api html to pdf?Thanks

Hi @hedes1992,

When working offline I usually reference docs using the IDE, in PyCharm with F1 and Jupyter Notebooks with Shift+Tab, since this the website docs are generated from the same docstrings.

Otherwise, you should be able to build your own PDF since the docs are using Sphinx. Sphinx is used to build the html for the website but you can change this to pdf with sphinx-build -b pdf ... and it should generate a PDF for you from the docstrings and documentation found here. I haven’t confirmed this though.